Prezentar Affiliate 10 Reasons Why To Promote

Why would you want to promote Prezentar and become a Prezentar affiliate?

Easy. Ever heard of Adeel Chowdhry?

He's exceptionally good at what he does, and he makes products that make money for his affiliates. Consistently.

He claims he's the “genius behind ALL the biggest launches,” and I can't vouch for that, but I can tell you I've seen his name in the top 10 of a lot of promotion leaderboards, and… I can also tell you he was the creator of Sqribble, which did something like a $4 MILLION launch or some crazy number like that.

So yeah, seasoned affiliate, veteran product creator. Successful track record. So far, so good.

And then… I just can't believe what I've just seen…

The affiliate area makes it EASY! Soooooo many solid pre-created promotional materials.

Some seriously entertaining videos, that also look like they will sell well.

Videos with celebrity look-alikes in them (Angelina, Britney, Will and James Bond in the one I just watched).

Ready-made Ads for facebook, social, etc.

Ready-made content and copy for your articles, reviews, and posts. You can see how I used the content here.

Videos with rappers and other crazy stuff that's sure to pattern-interrupt and get people's attention.

Speaking of crazy stuff…

Prezentar logo as provided in the prezentar affiliate area
Prezentar logo as provided in the prezentar affiliate area

Promote Prezentar for Insane Prizes

He's giving away TWO Ford Mustangs in this promotion along with a ton of other cool products.

Most notably, Adeel says he is awarding prizes with “no small print or requirements.”

Why does that matter?

Often, in affiliate promotions, the person running it only awards the prizes when certain conditions are met, such as X number of total sales, or some other criteria. “No small print or requirements” implies that the JV prizes will be awarded, even if the #1 promoter only has one sale.

Of course… I don't think Adeel needs to worry. The number of big name affiliates already showing support for this launch is huge, so its about as close as it can get to a guarantee that there will be a lot of sales going on for this product.

All that publicity will drive a lot of traffic and buzz, and that means, YOU have a great chance as an affiliate for it too!

Prezentar Affiliate Benefits

So while the above are all good reasons to promote Prezentar right now, I can give you ten more reasons to promote it…

10 percent second-tier commissions!

Yes that means that when you sign up to become an affiliate for Prezentar, you will get your first tier commissions when you make a sale, PLUS, for anybody you refer to promote Prezentar, when THEY make sales, you get another 10% commission on those sales!

These types of double-dip commission promotions are RARE and EXCLUSIVE.

Successful affiliates know that You DEFINITELY want to take advantage of these rare opportunities when they appear.

Prezentar Affiliate Sign Up is FREE

Consider that a BONUS reason to become a Prezentar affiliate. It's FREE.

If you're reading this article, the odds are good that you are already an affiliate, so you know that this is a no-brainer to promote.

Or if by chance you are brand new to affiliate marketing, then you just happened onto a good first-program, because Adeel appears to be making it EASY and giving you a TON of useable materials. This saves you time, gets you started out on the right foot, and generally makes it a fun, fun, fun experience. You might be surprised how rare that is.

I do hope you decide to become a prezentar affiliate, as I feel it is a good one to promote, and I do genuinely hope the best for you. The market for Prezentar is huge (think: every Powerpoint user, worldwide), so there's plenty of marketshare to go around. Good luck!

DISCLOSURE: We are affiliates. If you buy anything, we will earn commission.

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